Presentations archive

Over the years many great talks were given on NLNOG events. Of many of these presentations, slides and video recordings are available:

Year Topic Presenter (Affiliation) slides video
2023 NLNOG News NLNOG Slides Video
2023 Securing the largest infrastructures with little boxes. And we love it Oscar Koeroo (Ministerie van VWS) Slides Video
2023 BGP Error “Handling” Ben Cartwright-Cox ( Slides Video
2023 Cables under the sea & other nautical nonsense Martijn Schmidt & Bob Stevens ( Slides Video
2023 Autism and working in IT Bart de Bruijn (YaWorks) Slides Video
2023 VPP & MPLS Pim van Pelt (IPng) Slides Video
2023 Is IPv6 better for network security? Michael Booth (Liberty Global) Slides Video
2023 BCP38 violation hunting as an IXP member Arjan Koopen ( Slides Video
2023 OpenLI – Lawful Interception in The Netherlands (and beyond!) Pim van Stam (S3 Group) Slides Video
2023 Keynote – L2VPN: The Pourquoi Story Kireeti Kompella (Juniper Networks) Slides Video
2022 On the Origins of NLNOG Arien Vijn & Steven Bakker Slides Video 
2022 Keep Ukraine Connected Dmytro Kniaziev (DEPS) Slides Video 
2022 Deploying IPv6-mostly access networks Ondřej Caletka (RIPE NCC) Slides  Video 
2022 Fiber to the Country Rinse Kloek (Kindes/Delta Fiber) Slides  Video 
2022 Finding Young Talent Niels Raijer (Fusix) & Frans ter Borg (Quanza) Slides Niels
Slides Frans
2022 Big Telco vs Big Tech, or why telcos want money for traffic (again) Rudolf van der Berg (Stratix) Slides Video
2022 NLNOG Day Behind the Scenes Sven & Denise (Global Media Productions)   Video
2022 DIY Intent Based Networking with Ansible Robin Gilijamse (one Zero IT) Slides  Video 
2022 An overview of NLNOG Tools and Projects Teun Vink (NLNOG) Slides  Video 
2022 Business for Geeks Bert Hubert Slides  Video 
2022 A Brief History of Router Architecture Tony Li (Juniper Networks) Slides  Video 
2021 How we scan and report vulnerabilities on the whole internet Frank Breedijk (DIVD) Slides Video
2021 10 years of NLNOG Ring Martin Pels Slides Video
2021 How to boot an ISP device Reinoud van Leeuwen & Ariën Vijn (Freedom Internet) Slides Video
2021 IRR Explorer v2 Sasha Romijn (Dashcare) Slides Video
2021 Container Lab Roman Dodin (Nokia) Slides Video
2021 Demystifying Quantum Key Distribution Melchior Aelmans (Juniper Networks) Slides Video
2021 Corona Check App Ron Roozendaal (Ministerie van VWS) Slides Video
2021 YANG and NETCONF Pieter Lexis (PowerDNS) Slides Video
2021 Multicast in SR Networks  Jeffrey (Zhaohui) Zhang (Juniper Networks) Slides Video
2021 Technical Communities Resilience During COVID-19 Pandemic Vesna Manojlovic (RIPE NCC) Slides Video
2020 Bits of Freedom Update Evelyn Austin (Bits of Freedom) Slides Video
2020 BGPAlerter and RPKI Massimo Candela (NTT Communications) Slides Video
2020 How to prepare your budget for next year Jochem de Ruig (Freedom Internet) + Steven de Ruig Slides Video
2020 Out-of-Band network management Niels Raijer (Fusix Networks) + Job Snijders (NTT) Slides Niels, Slides Job Video
2020 Career Development & Money Bert Hubert Slides Video
2020 TR-069, a new Star Wars character? Arien Vijn (Link Light Networks) Slides Video
2020 Monitoring: two perspectives Mark Schouten (Tuxis) & Ian Chilton (LONAP) Slides Mark, Slides Ian Video
2020 Control-plane protection: the Rosetta stone Greg Hankins (Nokia), Joris Claassen (Arista), Melchior Aelmans (Juniper Networks) Slides Greg, Slides Joris, Slides Melchior Video
2020 Internet Engineering History Dave Meyer & Dino Farinacci, hosted by Job Snijders (NTT)   Video
2020 Getting Fiber to my Town Jared Mauch (Washtenaw Fiber Properties) Slides Video
2019 OpenINTEL – Creating a “long-term memory” for the global DNS Willem Toorop (NLnet Labs) Slides Video
2019 Iets over RPKI Niels Raijer (Fusix Networks) Slides Video
2019 Working in a toxic environment Erik Bais (A2B Internet) Slides Video
2019 DNS over HTTPS Considerations Bert Hubert Slides Video
2019 Go with the dataflow – Apache NiFi Ariën Vijn (Linklight) Slides Video
2019 400G and beyond Ralf Korschner (Arista) Slides Video
2019 Future of passive multiplexing Wouter van Diepen (SolidOptics) Slides Video
2019 Fire! Fire! Fire! (Or maybe not..) Steve Wright (4D DC) Slides Video
2019 Risks & dangers in BGP Job Snijders (NTT) Slides Video
2019 Update on the state of RPKI Ben Cox Slides Video
2019 Fantastic people and where to find them Julia Freeman Slides Video
2018 From Legacy to Automation Martin Pels (Quanza) Slides  
2018 Fiber to the Farm Rinse Kloek (Solcon) Slides  
2018 Routing Security & RPKI: A path forward Job Snijders (NTT Communications) Slides  
2018 Streaming Telemetry Joris Claassen (Arista) Slides  
2018 How to Build a Fiber to the Home Network Arnoud Vermeer (Paxio) Slides  
2018 How to architect robust routing policies Job Snijders (NTT Communications) Slides  
2017 NLNOG RING: Migrating from Puppet to Ansible plus forklifting from Ubuntu 12.04 to 16.04 Martin Pels (NLNOG) Slides  
2017 Ansible security issues Daan Keuper (Computest) Slides  
2017 Use Docker They Said – It’ll be Fun They Said Henk-Jan Agteresch (Avisi) Slides  
2017 How to avoid buying expensive routers Mark Schouten (Tuxis Internet Engineering) Slides  
2017 Cheap and Efficient DDoS Traffic Analysis Fabian Labohm (Duocast) Slides  
2017 How to start automating #NetDevOps Robin Gilijamse (OGD) Slides  
2017 Abuse update Jurrian van Iersel Slides Video
2017 Did you know EU lawmakers want to make you responsible for your customers’ data? Rejo Zenger (Bits of Freedom) Slides Video
2017 BGP Graceful Shutdown Job Snijders (NTT Communications) Slides Video
2017 Alice BGP Looking Glass Stefan Plug (ECIX) Slides Video
2017 Something educational about optical networking Arien Vijn (Independent) Slides Video
2017 Network Automation – A study of an IXP Nick Hilliard (INEX) Slides Video
2017 How to monitor everything and your dog Neil Lathwood (LibreNMS) Slides Video
2017 SHA2017 infrastructure: Fibre to the Field, Tent & Boat Arjan Koopen (SHA2017) Slides Video
2017 The Christmas Tree Project Hans Maes Slides Video
2017 Kolmo: configuration management primitives library & support infrastructure Bert Hubert (PowerDNS) Slides Video
2017 Hacking cars Daan Keuper (Computest) Slides Video
2016 pmacct is love, pmacct is life Paolo Lucente ( Slides Video
2016 TLS & DANE Jan Zorz (Internet Society) Slides Video
2016 Dual Stacking Broadband Subscribers. Lessons Learned. Richard Patterson (Sky Broadband) Slides Video
2016 Yo where my bits at? Rejo Zenger (Bits of Freedom) Slides video
2016 The internet has trust issues Thijs Alkemade & Christiaan Ottow (Computest) Slides Video
2016 Launch of NLNOG Infrastructure Platform Job Snijders (NLNOG) Slides Video
2016 NLNOG Financial Update Thomas van de Looff (NLNOG) Slides Video
2016 LoRaWAN: technical perspective on ultra low bandwidth networking Johan Stokking (The Things Network) Slides Video
2016 Final update on the ARPANET TCP/IP migration of 1983 Ron Broersma (SPAWAR – US Navy) Slides Video
2016 Introduction to my friend Ansible Jan-Piet Mens Slides  
2016 The FENIX Project – The walled Garden of Eden? Ondřej Caletka (CESNET) Slides  
2016 Deploying configs to network devices with ‘vaping’ and ‘ngage’ Matt Griswold (20c) Slides Video
2016 Large BGP Communities Job Snijders (NTT Communications) Slides Video
2015 The State of Mobile Satellite Internet Niels Raijer (Fusix Networks) Slides Video
2015 – OSS abuse management for netops Bart Vrancken ( Slides Video
2015 Privacy and Security in the DNS Peter van Dijk (PowerDNS) Slides Video
2015 No More Free Bugs: 0-days & New Markets Christiaan Ottow (Pine Digital Security) Slides Video
2015 NIPAP – the best IP address management system Kristian Larsson (NIPAP/DT)   Video
2015 Out of the data center: tales from the recovering manager Bert Hubert (Open-Xchange) Slides

2015 NLNOG RING SQA outage detection Job Snijders (NTT) Slides  
2015 Stiching NLNOG update Thomas de Looff (Stichting NLNOG) slides  
2015 Ultra Fast DDoS detection at Coloclue Job Snijders (Coloclue) Slides Video
2015 DDoS detection & mitigation Thomas de Looff (PCextreme) slides Video