Why should I attend?

Why should you attend an NLNOG event?


The Netherlands Network Operator Group (NLNOG) is platform for modern Internet innovation and the day-to-day cumulative network-operational knowledge of hundreds of network- and system engineers. NLNOG itself is a non-profit organisation and all events and conferences are free of charge.

NLNOG is sponsored by many organisations that share our vision of education and knowledge exchange for Internet engineers.

The NLNOG Day is a full-day annual conference that covers a wide variety of topics relevant to day-to-day network and systems engineering. From history to the latest technologies, from career development to Internet security.

We often hear our participants attend to be inspired and make many new connections that benefit their daily work.

We have an inclusive policy and our conference is suitable for entry-level, mid-career and technical managerial levels.

The content of NLNOG Day is in English.

Besides running social and technical events, NLNOG maintains and operates IRR Explorer , wrote the BGP Filter Guide , maintains a mailing list, and has a vibrant community on IRC.