Experts 2019

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Arjen Zonneveld (puppet / sysadmin)

Arjen is a licensed Red Hat Linux engineer. Over the last years he gained in-depth knowledge about managing (linux) systems and in particular how to automate rollouts and system management.

Paolo Lucente (Telemetry, BMP, Statistics)

Paolo is the author of the free, open-source software package “pmacct”. Paolo is interested in the economics of traffic exchange in the public internet and has been able to contribute through standards bodies, and open source projects. Paolo’s current focus is streaming telemetry, data pipelines, high performance databases, and the BGP Monitoring Protocol (BMP).

Job Snijders (BGP, RPKI)

Job works with NTT Communications in the architecture team and is heavily involved in evolving Routing Security. He has very broad knowledge on internet routing and deploying advanced BGP configurations in networks up to global scale.

Peter van Dijk (DNS)

As senior engineer at PowerDNS, Peter works on one of the largest deployed DNS software platforms available. He has in-depth and extensive knowledge on the working of DNS and DNSSEC. Due to his previous experiences he is also a very knowledgeable sysadmin.

Ariën Vijn (Optical Networks)

Arien has extensive knowledge about building networks using optical solutions. He used to work at one of the largest internet exchanges; AMS-IX. Today he works with Afiber as their principal network architect. Arien’s knowledge is extensive, it ranges from what happens inside the fiber at the photonic level – up to the common routing protocols.

Erik Bais (IPv4 market, RIPE)

As founder of Prefix Broker, Erik has extensive knowledge and a unique view on the IPv4 market. Erik is also RIPE Address Policy WG co-chair.

Arjan Koopen (WiFi, portable networks)

Arjan combines working as a network engineer for one of the largest game hosting providers with building large scale networks for events. Arjan knows how to design, deploy and run a WiFi network for 5000 people for 1 week within a week.